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Euthanasia is a difficult decision to make. Read here a discussion on what the process entails and what you can expect during this difficult time. Click here for the entire article.


Arthritis is a concern in all animals, big and small. The signs and severity will differ animal to animal. Read our discussion of the causes and what to watch for. Click here for the entire article.


Every spring brings on calving season, and invariably it brings on cases of scours in your herd. Dr. Alicia summarizes what you can do to manage your herd. Click here for the entire article.


It is likely every cat will experience a case of respiratory disease (similar to a cold in people) during their life. Here we explain the syndrome and what can be done. Click here for the entire article.


Many of the medications used to treat your pets ailments are prescription only. Continue to a discussion on what this means for you and your pet. Click here for the entire article.


Hairy horses are a part of life in Canada, however there are times they shouldn't be! For more info on Cushing's disease, its symptoms and treatments. Click here for the entire article.


Sheep and goats are becoming more common in Alberta, and so are their parasites. Dr. Alicia discusses what you need to know when considering deworming your flock.  Click here for the entire article.

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The emergence of Lyme disease and the rapid geographical range expansion of certain tick species in Canada are important issues for public health authorities and the public in general. Following tick populations on such a large territory is also expensive and logistically challenging.

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