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If you have called our clinic afterhours you might have noticed a change recently.

Due to the extreme shortage of Veterinarians, we have employed the help of Animal Health Link (AHL).

AHL acts as an extension of the Stettler Veterinary Clinic and will give our clients reliable advice in a calm, reassuring manner.

They utilize experienced and licensed veterinary staff (RVTs) to triage the phone calls and determine appropriate next steps using exclusive veterinarian-approved triage algorithms. Non-urgent cases can be deferred until regular hours or appropriate facilities.

What is TeleTriage ?

TELETRIAGE is the safe, appropriate, and timely assessment and management (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not) of animal patients via electronic consultation with their owners. The assessor (RVT) determines urgency and the need for immediate referral to a veterinarian.

A diagnosis is not rendered. The essence of teletriage is to make good and safe decisions regarding a patient’s disposition, under conditions of uncertainty and urgency.

Follow the message on our answering machine or call 780-900-2887 directly.

Thank you for your understanding, the team of SVC.



At Stettler Vet Clinic our objective is great service and to offer a high standard of care in our industry. We work closely with referral practices to expand our offerings. We remain committed to offering quality products to facilitate good medicine and enhance production for all of our clients. Our veterinarians are committed to excellence in their field and pursue continuing education opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skill sets. We know your success drives our success and our community is our focus!








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