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EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES (limited availability)

At Stettler Veterinary Clinic your horse's best interest is our priority. We hold ourselves to a high standard of care and strive to meet and exceed that standard. Our ambulatory vet services operate year-round and after hours for emergencies. Our main work involves individual and herd health plans, vaccinations, dentistry, routine surgeries, lameness and reproductive work, as well as emergency treatments such as colics and lacerations. Please see below for more information. If you don't see the service you need here, please feel free to contact the clinic as we proudly provide many additional services as cases require.

Emergency Medicine & Surgery

Stettler Vet Clinic provides 24 hour seven days a week emergency service. Most emergencies can be handled either in clinic or on farm. We offer timely service for emergencies including colic, lacerations, acute lameness, severe respiratory disease, choke, porcupine quills, foalings, and euthanasia. We work closely with several referral centers offering a full complement of specialized services augmenting available care in your time of need.  These often board certified veterinarians are also available 24/7 for prompt attention during your emergency.  Seamless transfer of information and digital transfer of radiographs provides a high standard for continuity of care.

General Wellness

Our veterinarians are able to provide full general exams year-round, both on farm and in-clinic. At Stettler Vet Clinic we offer general wellness exams on horses of all shapes, sizes and ages! We are able to provide counselling on herd health management and individual horse wellness. We carry a full line of vaccines, dewormers and other health products.  Feed testing and nutrition consultation is always available. Our recently updated in house laboratory offers same day blood-work and urinalysis results.  A close relationship with IDEXX, Prairie Diagnostic Services, and other send-out laboratories ensures quick and accurate results whenever testing is indicated in addition to examination.


Trained veterinarians provide dental care and advice for your horse, no matter what age they may be and what job they have. This can include routine floating, general tooth health,  minor tooth extractions (wolf teeth and caps), corrective techniques and dental radiography. These procedures can be performed both in clinic and on farm. Our state of the art digital radiographic equipment allows us to instantly connect with referral specialists when required and gives an extra level of detail when needed. Let us show you what is involved in proper equine dentistry!

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is specific non-surgical care and treatment for your horse. General medical conditions are correctly diagnosed and treatment plans made in consultation with owners to ensure timely, compassionate, and best care when needed. Veterinarians provide consultation and treatment for conditions such as Cushing's disease, respiratory conditions, neonatal conditions, general ophthalmologic examination and neurological assessment.  Established relationships with board certified internists and referral centers ensure seamless transfer of information when augmented care, treatments, or procedures are required. 

Lameness & Pre-Purchase Examinations

Our veterinarians are able to evaluate the movement of your horse to determine where a lameness is coming from. We use a variety of techniques to identify the source(s) of lameness including physical examination and palpation, flexion tests, joint and diagnostic nerve blocks. We employ the use of digital radiography and tendon ultrasonography to help us to further evaluate the source of your horse's lameness. Treatment plans address specific goals and monitor progress. A pre-purchase examinations purpose is to address general and specific health criteria for the interested buyer.  Whether basic or extensive, pre-purchase examinations provide valuable information and baseline information. All testing, radiography, ultrasonography, ophthalmology, and neurolgical assessments are available during this examination.  Custom pre-purchase examinations address your specific concerns.

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