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At Stettler Veterinary Clinic your pet's best interest is our priority. We hold ourselves to a high standard of care and strive to meet and exceed that standard. If you have any questions about the services below, or you do not see the service you require, please contact us at the clinic as we are able to provide additional services on a case-by-case basis. 


Emergency Medicine & Surgery

At Stettler Vet Clinic we provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical emergency services, both during regular business hours and after hours. We are able to provide treatment for toxin ingestion, cuts and wounds, porcupine quills, foreign bodies and more.  When more specialized care or procedures are required we work closely with a number of 24 hour referral practices to ensure a seamless transfer of care and information to ensure the very best for your pet. When you need care now we are here.


General Wellness Exams

General wellness exams are as important for your pet as for your own health and regular doctor visits. A healthy life is a happy life and regular visits ensure the best possible care for your pet.  Our veterinarians are able to provide full general exams and additional services or tests tailored to your pets needs.

At Stettler Vet Clinic we offer general wellness exams, senior check ups, dental exams, ear and eye exams as well as dermatology, nutrition and allergy consultation. Low stress nail trimming, anal gland expression and microchipping is available.

Our state of the art in house laboratory offers same day blood-work and urinalysis results.  A close relationship with IDEXX, Prairie Diagnostic Services, and other send-out laboratories ensures quick and accurate results whenever testing is indicated.

Vaccines & Deworming

Preventative health care is an important part of helping your pet live a long and happy life! We provide vaccine and deworming protocols tailored to your pet's needs and life stage. We recommend beginning vaccinations at 8 weeks of age for kittens and puppies. After an intial series, your furry friend will need a vaccine once a year. We also recommend deworming your pet a minimum of once a year, unless they are eating rodents or carrion on a regular basis. We have many options for parasite control in both oral and topical formulations. 

Microchip Identification

Microchipping is a very safe procedure performed to provide permanent identification for your pet that is recognized even internationally. Inserting a microchip only takes a few seconds and your pet will feel minimal pain during the procedure. Once the microchip is in place, your pet's information, including your contact information can be entered on a national database. If your pet has run away or is found at large, the shelter or veterinary clinic that your pet is presented to can scan them to find out who they belong to and return them right away! Identification by tattoo is another visual way to identify your pet. We are happy to answer questions regarding these options and what is best for your pet.


Weight Loss Program

Did you know that nutrition and correct diet is paramount to health and longevity? While dogs are omnivores, cats are true carnivores, and other differences exist that impact what proper nutrition looks like. Our veterinarians and technicians are trained to give advice regarding your pet's nutrition. Just as in humans, obesity in our pets can cause many health problems. An overweight pet is at risk of many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, skin problems and breathing difficulties. The most common cause of obesity in pets is an over-abundance of calories, especially when they do not get enough exercise. Your pet may be overweight if: it's ribs cannot be felt without applying a fair amount of pressure, your pet is obsessed with food and/or is inactive most of the time, there has been a loss of an obvious waist, a belly jiggle when walking or running or you have had to loosen your pet's collar several times. If you or your veterinarian have noticed that your pet is overweight, please feel free to stop by or call our clinic to speak to one of our knowledgable staff. They can set up a time fo assess your pet and recommend a weight loss program suited to your pet's needs and your schedule. 

Routine Surgery

We offer routine elective surgical procedures including spays and neuters, dewclaw removal, routine lump removal, and more. Related follow up exam care and suture removal is always included as required.  Our standard of care during surgery is to have your animal placed on intravenous fluids and constantly monitored by a registered Animal Health Technician while under general anesthetic. Included in your pets' surgery is a nail trim and ear clean.  Our clinicians and technical staff work closely with education centers to ensure the absolute best anesthetic protocols for each pet and procedure. We do not use general protocols but use a balanced approach to ensure the lowest possible chance of complication during any procedure. Pain management is a top priority for us and we ensure your companion experiences a little pain as possible during and after their procedure.

Dental Prophylaxis

Small animal dentistry has rapidly evolved over the past decade and great advances in equipment and care have enhanced benefits to our pets!  Stettler Veterinary Clinic has state of the art dental equipment and a dedicated digital dental radiography machine for procedures. We proudly offer prophylactic dental cleaning and scaling. We are properly equipped and trained to do routine dental extractions. We ensure your pet is properly protected during all radiographic procedures. As with our other routine surgeries, your animal is placed on intravenous fluids and constantly monitored by a dedicated registered Animal Health Technologist while under gas anesthetic. Included in your pets surgery is a nail trim and ear clean. Promote lasting oral health with our full compliment of dental food, treats and home treatments for ongoing oral care at home.

Exotic Species Medicine & Surgery

At Stettler Vet Clinic we are able to provide services for some of our more delicate small animal species. Yearly check ups help us evaluate your exotic animal's health status. We are able to offer routine spays and neuters for rabbits, as well as teeth and nail trim options. Veterinarians with additional expertise in exotic species are available to us over the phone and for necessary referrals for all species.  If a unique pet is part of your family, rest assured that we are available in the best capacity we can offer in the unique care your pet may require!


End of Life Care

Compassion is defined as: the emotion we feel in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.  While every animal deserves a life worth living, when a life worth living is not possible then a good death may be preferable.  The english translation of the greek word 'euthanasia' is literally "a good death."  It is never an easy decision and the time is never right.  We recognize this and whether for sudden and unexpected need during emergency, following a long period of illness, or when it is time to say goodbye to a old faithful companion we are honoured to walk you through the process of a good ending.  We provide quality of life consultation, humane euthanasia, and have multiple options to care for your pet afterwards. Private cremation is available. Compassionate care before, during, and after euthanasia is our top concern and we are honoured to offer end of life care.



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