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What's new around Stettler Veterinary Clinic?


There's always something exciting going on around SVC! Below you will find highlights of the happenings around the clinic, tid-bits of exciting news about our staff and the latest edition of our newsletter! If you would like a copy of one of these newsletters, or a previous newsletter, sent to you, please contact the clinic. 

October 2019 Newsletter

Dr. Jackie discusses louse control in your herd this winter and the benefits of different products. She also reminds us of calf vaccination protocols for fall and what guarantees are available. 

Welcome Dr. Laniak!


We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Dr. Alicia Laniak. She is originally from Edmonton, but went to school in the United Kingdom. Please stop by and say hi and have a coffee!

September 2019 Newsletter

Pregnancy diagnosis is a handy tool in your herd - it can identifiy open cattle, late pregnancies and allow you to tighten up your calving season. Also a note on your furry farm hands - they need vaccines and deworming too! 

August 2019 Newsletter

This month saw some insane weather - especially hail that wreaked havoc over the countryside. This hail has changed how the crops handle their nutrients. Crops that have experienced stress like this cause an increase in nitrates which can lead to toxicity. Its the time of year to think about bringing home the bulls - which really be a task, but don't worry too much if you can't get them home just yet. Finally Dr. Cheryl discusses laser therapy and how it can help reduce pain and speed healing. 

July 2019 Newsletter

Taking a step back and looking at happiness, and what it means to you. Also a celebration of our farmers, and those that have gotten special recognition! Remember, equine spring packages are running through until July 31. Dr. Jackie also talks about toxic plants on your pastures and what to watch out for. 

June 2019 Newsletter

Feeding mineral to your herd while on pasture can have some surprising benefits. Its the time of year to start watching out for the creepy-crawlies, ticks. We have products that can help repel those nasty bloodsuckers. A quick note on laminitis from Dr. Cheryl - this year is going to be the perfect storm for all of our easy keepers!

Welcome to Drs. Snow and Stigter
We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Dr. Tara Snow and Dr. Mirjam Stigter. They are both coming to us from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Please stop by and say hi and have a coffee!
May 2019 Newsletter

Learn about what we know about pain management during castration and branding processes and what you can do to minimize pain during the procedures. Also learn about how proper planning can prevent poor performance in the spring time. Finally, learn what you can do to manage those pesky flies around your herd. 

April 2019 Newsletter

With calving season underway there have been some wait times for producers to get the medications they need in their day to day operations. With the new drug dispensing laws that came into effect Dec 1, 2018 our ability to sell antibiotics and other medications has changed greatly. Read more about what this means for you. We have seen a significant upswing in prolapsed uteri this year - learn what you need to do in this situation. Finally, our horse spring packages are back and are bigger than ever!

March 2019 Newsletter

The weather has given us a bit of a break and calving season is in full swing! Included this month is a stall side VIGOUR chart to help you when you have an assisted calving. Dr. Jackie discusses vaccine strategies that may help your herd. Dr. Cheryl discusses calf scours, what it can look like and what that puddle you're seeing means. Also this month, Drs. Josh and Yasmin say goodbye to all of you. 

February 2019 Newsletter

Check out this months newsletter! Dr. Jackie discusses the effect cold can have on bulls and their upcoming breeding soundness evaluations. Remember to make your bed packs extra thick in this weather! Dr. Cheryl discusses equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS), why horses are so susceptible and what can be done to treat them. This year we have seen a lot of cases of "my pour on didn't work and now I have lice!" Read about what can cause this and what your solution may be. 

Change in Business Hours Effective March 1, 2019


Effective March 1, 2019 Stettler Veterinary Clinic will change to regular business hours of Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm. Emergency Call Services will continue to be available 24-7.  We will not have regular office hours on Saturdays, effective March 1st, as this will serve to better accommodate weekend emergencies without trying to juggle regular Saturday appointments.  As always please call the clinic anytime during regular hours.  For after-hours emergencies call the clinic at 403-742-3338 and follow the instructions you receive for contacting the on-call veterinarian. Thank you for your understanding!

Upcoming Education Night January 24!

Dr. Cheryl in conjunction with Zoetis are presenting an education night about Equine Parasites!  Join us on January 24 at the clinic for a fun evening. Refreshments will be provided! Please RSVP to the clinic.

January 2019 Newsletter

Coming up on January 24 is a discussion on horse parasites - what they are and how we should manage them. RSVP to the clinic so we can make sure we have enough seats. After the poor harvest season in 2018 Dr. Jackie discusses how you can stretch your feed supply this winter. A reminder about scour vaccines and the importance of their timing with your calving program

Rabies Positive Cat in South West Alberta

We received notification of a rabies positive cat in Longview, AB (south west of Calgary). The cat was identified after becoming aggressive to the owner and his son. When the son was bitten by the cat the family sought medical attention and started on post-exposure vaccinations. To read the full details please click here.

November 2018 Newsletter

Remembrance Day is a time to be thankful for our freedom and make an active effort to remember what was sacrificed for this freedom. Dr. Yasmin quickly reminds us of what is needed to keep chickens warm over the winter months. Dr. Jackie discusses the importance of testing your hay and your fields. Also a quick reminder about the importance of testing your feed for those of you that have horses with Cushing's disease or Equine Metabolic Syndrome (see last month for information on the diseases). Finally, learn all about pyometras - one of the severe consequences of not spaying female dogs. 

November 2019 Newsletter

Dr. Jackie discusses what Annex R is and what it can add to your herd. It is possible to get certified with the help of Drs. Jackie and Alicia. What is a Vet-Client-Patient-Relationship and what does it mean for you? Dr. Alicia discusses a tapeworm that is common in our area - and can affect you and your furry friends. Its hard to believe but its also the time of year to start thinking about vaccinating your herd to protect against scours.