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What's new around Stettler Veterinary Clinic?


There's always something exciting going on around SVC! Below you will find highlights of the happenings around the clinic, tid-bits of exciting news about our staff and previous newsletters! 

A Note from Dr. Jackie 


February 24, 2023

You may have heard that Dr. Jackie was recently injured while on farm and is currently in recovery. Attached is a letter she has written for her clients. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this time! 

Online Store Now Open!


Now you can enjoy the benefits of online shopping and free delivery of your animal's Veterinarian-Approved products and diets, as well as a wide range of non-prescription items.  We are committed to deliver high quality, veterinarian-approved products right to our clinic. If you are a registered user, access your account by entering your login information. If you are new to our webstore, please get registered now to start ordering!

Sad Cow.jpg

* 2022 Update - SVC is pleased to be operating again without restrictions. Curbside service is still offered to those that would prefer it but our doors are open and we are happy to see your smiling faces!

As with everything in your lives, the daily routine around Stettler Veterinary Clinic has changed. Veterinary medicine has been deemed as an essential service and we have remained open to help you and your animals. While we are open, we have made some changes to our day-to-day operations. Our operating hours and emergency services remain the same as they always have been. On top of our routine sanitizing procedures, we have added COVID specific procedures.  We are also limiting attendance in the clinic - individuals are to call the clinic when they arrive so they can receive instructions from the office on how to enter the building for their appointments and supplies. We also request that only one adult attend any appointments. . We want to thank all of our clients for being so understanding during this trying time. 

FREE Client Seminars

The WCVM is offering clients across Canada an opportunity to join in on free equine education seminars. All you have to do is go to and register for the seminar.  

Newsletter News

You may have noticed that the newsletter has not been a regular occurrence, both in print and on the website. While we love sharing our knowledge and insights every month, all of the girls at the clinic have been extremely busy and unfortunately something has to fall behind. It is the end of an era for the clinic, and especially for Dr. Jackie who has been so dedicated to making this a reality. Fingers crossed we will be able to revive the newsletter again soon! 

July 2020 Newsletter

This July the rain has continued! Take some time during your raining days (while you are trying your best to get your hay down) to read about toxic plants in our area. Dr. Jackie also discusses which conferences are available in the industry over the next few weeks. 

June 2020 Newsletter

This June we have had lots of rain - and this has brought the pastures along nicely. The green grass will help keep your cows happy, but what can you do to improve on an already good situation? Dr. Jackie discusses minerals while on pasture and what to consider when choosing a mineral for your program. She also looks back at calving season 2020 and how this compared to 2019 for us at Stettler Vet Clinic. Also a very clever poem written by Dr. Jackie herself and a neat congratulations to Dr. Alicia who was married this month on their farm.

May 2020 Newsletter

May has continued to be an every changing environment of our communities "new normal." The newsletter contains some important information about how Stettler Vet Clinic is continuing to work to serve you and your animals in the most efficient, and safe, manner possible. With all the rain the last week pasture turnout is on everyone's mind. Dr. Jackie discusses lead toxicity and how to prevent exposure as well as what to watch for. Finally a quick update on some of the recent, and continuing, backorder items that may affect your spring program. 

April 2020 Newsletter

April - most years that incites visions of mud, flower and happy baby calves. This year for some reason we still have snow on the ground and we are experiencing our "new normal" amidst COVID19. We have made some changes at the clinic with regards to what types of appointments we are accepting and how we are allowing clients to flow through the building. Do not fear! We are open and happy to help you. Dr. Jackie reminds us of the signs of the disease and also some treatment tips. 

March 2020 Newsletter

How is it March already?! This means calving season is in full swing. Included is a stall-side VIGOUR chart to help you with calf resuscitation. What does the COVID-19 virus mean for the agriculture industry? Dr. Jackie discusses milk replacers for calves. Finally "tolt" capsules have been popular the last few years. Maybe you've heard of them, or maybe you've used them. Learn more about what these capsules are and what they can do for your herd. 

February 2020 Newsletter

What's the deal with calf electrolytes - there are so many options out there! Dr. Jackie helps you determine what your calf needs. We've been seeing quite a few ewes over the last couple years, some of those have been having trouble lambing, usually due to ringwomb. What is ringwomb and how is it treated? 

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