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At Stettler Veterinary Clinic your herd's best interest is our priority. We hold ourselves to a high standard of care and strive to meet and exceed that standard. Our ambulatory vet services operate year-round and after hours for emergencies. At SVC we offer comprehensive herd health programs. If you don't see the service you need here, please feel free to contact the clinic as we are able to provide additional services on a case-by-case basis. 

Udder Health and Quality Milk Monitoring

Our veterinarians can provide practical protocols for prevention, treatment and management of mastitis cases. We are also able to provide herd pathogen surveillance. Herd monitoring can be performed through somatic cell count (SCC) and 2S data collected by DHI. 

Calf and Heifer Health Programs

Healthy cows start out as healthy calves. Stettler Vet Clinic is able to provide quality colostrum education as well as colostrum monitoring. Once your calf is 24 hours old and has had its colostrum we are able to provide passive transfer of immunity testing to ensure they received an adequate amount in their first day. As calves age they require their first series of vaccinations - we are able to help you develop a schedule specific to your program. A cornerstone of any successful program is good nutrition. Our veterinarians are able to provide nutrition recommendations for your herd and are able to provide feed monitoring. We also have a PhD nutritionist on staff to help you with ration formulation. 

Herd Vaccination and Deworming Programs

Our clinic offers a wide variety of vaccines and dewormers that will suit your herds needs. We have both modified live virus and killed virus vaccines available and can advise you on which vaccine would be best for your situation. Vaccination can help prevent your animals from developing infections with IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, Pasteurella, Clostridial diseases, Vibriosis, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Rotavirus, E. coli (scours) foot rot and pink eye.


Stop in to talk to one of our vets so we can help you set up your vaccine and deworming program!

Full Reproductive Services

Stettler Vet Clinic is proud to provide breeding soundness exams, fresh and frozen semen evaluation and synchronization strategies. Our veterinarians are also skilled in pregnancy diagnosis and are able to provide twin diagnosis, fetal staging and fetal sexing techniques. 

Routine Surgery

Our veterinarians are able to provide a variety of surgical procedures valuable to your operation. These include dehorning, casting broken legs, c-sections, displaced abomasal surgeries, claw amputations, cancer eye removal, bloat surgeries, lacerations, hernia and prolapse repairs. 

Dairy Comp Advisor

All herds with Dairy Comp or that participate with DHI have herd data that is useful for analysis of multiple herd parameters. This data can also be monitored between herd health visits.

Alberta Johnes Disease Initiative

The Alberta Johnes Disease Initiative is the "best strategy to reduce the risk of brining Johne's onto the farm and spreading the infection among your animals." Stettler Vet Clinic is proud to provide services for the annual risk assessment and testing required for this program. Through this program it is possible to attain one of the 4 Alberta Johnes Disease Initiative herd statuses. 

Scouring and Sick Calves

Our veterinarians are able to provide full examinations on sick calves and develop an appropriate treatment plan. These services are offered both in clinic and on farm, and are tailored to the calf's individual needs. Our clinic has a separate isolation ward with stalls for calves. This provides a dry, warm place for your calf to recover. This also allows us to maintain your calf on IV fluids and antibiotics, as well as provide other supportive measures, while she is sick. In addition to treating scouring calves, we can also do on farm assessment to determine if there are certain factors contributing to a scours outbreak. 

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